The course on Existential Psychotherapy aims at training and certifying psychotherapists for the full exercise of Psychotherapy under the phenomenological –existential paradigm.

This course has a four–year duration, and complies with the strict directives on training of psychotherapists from the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), ensuring a complete and demanding training and a certification that may be recognized in other countries within the European space.

This course is particularly focussed on a solid theoretical methodological component and on a practical dimension, by means of a systematic training of the therapeutical situation, of a strong experiential component and of a supervision that follows all training course as a as an integral and indissociable part from training.

The rigour and quality are also ensured by a significant participation of important psychotherapists of the British School and other national and international trainers. To a large extent, the hours of supervision demanded by EAP are assumed by British psychotherapists, besides their expressive participation in the theoretical and practical component.

It should be highlighted that fees include all supervision hours of the course encompassing those which are given by foreigner trainers.