The Portuguese Society for Existential Psychotherapy (SPPE) is a non-profit- making association the major goal of which is to promote scientific training and professional exercise of Existential Psychotherapy. Additionally, it also carries out studies and scientifical research in the fields of Psychology, Psychopathology and Existential Psychotherapy. In addition, it also organizes colloquia, courses and informative seminars and on reflection.

The SPPE is a founder member of the International Society for Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling, and guides training of existential psychotherapists in accordance with recommendations from EAP – European Association for Psychotherapy.

The training of psychotherapists in the SPPE presupposes an extended view of personal and vocational training, exceeding to a large extent the merely technical dimension.

It is intended to promote an environment of critical learning, of interrogation on philosophies, which sustain the theoretical and practical models of psychotherapists. The promotion of an informed and questioning individual thinking is cross-sectional to the training curriculum.

To this end, it is also important to develop an ethical consciousness, so as to create deontological frameworks suitable to psychotherapeutics practice, as well as to foster an ongoing inter-liaison between theoretical and practical dimensions and scientific research on psychotherapy.

It is incumbent upon the psychotherapist as a person to develop an eye on Man, the World, the Culture and Citizenship, not dissociating these dimensions from his/her professional practice.


Train critical individuals, with a vision on the world, who permanently interrogate their theoretical presuppositions, with clinical competence and of scientifical research.